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See improvements in these 4 key areas:

Shared Dreams

get 100% on the same page as a couple with what you want out of life, and set a clear path to get there.

create clarity for getting stuff done so you can achieve every part of your Shared Dreams.
Relationship Health

deepen your relationship with your spouse and your family, becoming a healthier, happier family unit.

helping you to surround yourself with like-minded peers who want to grow and learn from one another.

What is the Purposeful Family Manager™?


People in great entrepreneurial organizations are creative, aligned around a common vision, and accountable to one another. But family life can feel chaotic, reactive and emotionally charged. What if you could experience the same health in your home life as great organizations enjoy? Can families become creative at problem-solving and create better relationships at home? 

The Purposeful Family Course™ gives you a proven way to put all the pieces together. You’ll learn how to incorporate a complete system of simple tools to build a healthier, more cohesive, more exciting and creative family life.
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The Purposeful Family Course™

The duration of the Purposeful Family Course is 18 months, consisting of two semesters, each with four workshops. Before you enroll in the course, you and your spouse will attend The Clarity Conversation group workshop together. This is where you and your spouse will determine if this course is right for you.

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The Clarity Conversation

This introductory workshop gives you a feel for tools and interactive group learning you will experience throughout The Purposeful Family Course.
The Same Page Approach

Start clarifying your family roles, setting priorities, and improving communication.
The Dream Gameplan

In this two-part workshop, you’ll start building a vision for your family, starting with your passions and dreams for the future—one, three and ten years out. Create a Lifetime Wish List and begin setting your goals to make it all happen.
The Reset Formula

The Reset Formula. Take time every 90 days to evaluate your relationship health, refocus your progress toward goals and resolve family issues that need attention. This is where your family will experience tremendous growth and better relationship dynamics.

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Who Should Attend?

Entrepreneurial-minded couples who:

 Want to grow and live more purposeful lives

 Have a good marriage and want to make it great

 Are open-minded, want help, and are willing to be open, honest and vulnerable

 Want to learn and grow with a community of couples who are on the same frequency 

What this is not:

Therapy, marriage counseling, or just another inspirational talk

This isn't a place to "fix" your spouse

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Hear from couples who are taking part in The Purposeful Family Manager


"We were letting life happen to us with no time to catch our breath. We joined Purposeful Family Manager to find some sense of purpose, passion, and calmness. Regardless of where you are in your journey of life, PFM will take you to the next level. This has been the X-factor for us reaching some important financial and personal goals. PFM forced us to have tough conversations about the future, and I'm glad we did."

Justin & Stephanie Gailitis


"A close friend suddenly passed away and challenges with my husband’s business came up just as my maternity leave ended. Work/life balance issues were a hot topic. It was a very stressful time and we struggled to make some very big decisions about many aspects of our lives. Purposeful Family Manager was there to help provide clarity about what our real issues were and put a structure in place to help us move towards the life that we really wanted to be living."

Val Meyecic

"Purposeful Family Manager has helped us add a structure to our life where problems are solved better and faster. If you’re willing to be honest with your spouse, and most importantly with yourself, PFM can help make dramatic improvements in your life and your marriage."
Joe Meyecic

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