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7 Signs Your Family Needs an Operating System

This article was written by Mike Kotsis, Published on 11/22/2018

Imagine you’re on a long road trip with your family. Your kids are going stir crazy and you don’t want to make another stop already. Out of desperation you grab a tablet and pull up a movie for them to watch, letting out a sigh of relief as you wait for it to load. Only this time, nothing happens. No Sound. Blank Screen. The whining instantly resumes. Your tablet’s operating system has crashed. Without a working operating system, nothing will work.

The tablet’s operating system is the mechanism that enables everything to communicate and work together seamlessly. All of the programs running on your tablet speak a common language and are designed to either work together or stay out of each other’s way.

Like your tablet, your family needs an operating system to keep everyone on the same page to prevent “system crashes” that infuriate you, your spouse and your children. Most families are in constant reaction mode, rather than running on an integrated operating system. As a result, life feels chaotic and conflict is ever-present.

Do You Need a Family Operating System?

How do you know if your family needs an operating system? Here are seven signs to watch for:

  1. Your family and work schedules feel overwhelming and constantly jam-packed. You’re continually running from one activity to the next with no time to breathe.
  2. You or your spouse are always reacting to “surprises” on the calendar—and it’s frustrating!
  3. You or your spouse are only partially present. Physically you’re there, but your mind is still at work or elsewhere.
  4. You’re often guilted into attending a family event or get-togethers with friends.
  5. When on vacation, you and your spouse are great at dreaming up the fun things you want to do or accomplish in life—but when you return, it feels more like a fantasy because you’re “back to reality.”
  6. You have some important issues to talk about with your spouse, but you never seem to tackle them because it’s never “the right time” to talk.
  7. You and your spouse unintentionally frustrate one another because you’re never both mentally available to talk at the same time.

Everyone else you know seems to be experiencing the same sort of thing in their household, so you have assumed that this is just how it is at this phase of life. While that is what most families experience, it doesn’t have to be that way. These are signs that your family needs an operating system.

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What Is a Family Operating System?

You and your spouse are the leadership team of your family, and you need to be on the same page to reach your family’s most important goals. Otherwise, miscommunication spins out of control and life gets overwhelming quickly.

It’s like your life is living you, instead of you living your life.

To fix these problems, you need an operating system that will help your family:

  • Agree on shared dreams—the big picture of what you want in life, in writing.
  • Agree on each of your roles so that your family unit can run like a swiss watch.
  • Proactively surround yourself with relationships that will uplift and inspire you, and help you to achieve your shared dreams.
  • Agree on the most important long- and short-term goals for your lives.
  • Align family activities around the achievement of these goals.
  • Stay on the same page with your family calendar using a standard family meeting agenda.
  • Start Clarifying, Proposing, and Resolving issues, not letting them linger for weeks, months or years.
  • Stay on the same page with your current and future goals for your family’s finances.

The Purposeful Family Manager: Your Family’s Operating System

The Purposeful Family Manager (PFM) is an operating system for your family to end the chaos and get more out of life. PFM is a course designed for entrepreneurial couples who want to define and live their happiest, most purposeful lives. The course gives simple tools within a complete system that will help you and your spouse to clarify what you want out of life, design a plan to get there, and surround yourselves with others who have similar experiences.

Through The Purposeful Family Course, you and your spouse will achieve four things:

  • Shared Dreams—get 100% on the same page with what you want out of life and a clear path to get there.
  • Progress—create clarity to get stuff done so you can achieve every part of your Shared Dreams.
  • Relationship Health—deepen your relationship with your spouse, your family and with others. Become a healthier, happier, more cohesive family unit.
  • Community—surround yourselves with peers who want to grow and learn from one another.

End the Chaos, Enjoy Your Family!

PFM is making a tangible difference in families’ lives. Check out what other couples are saying about their experiences.

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