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This Course Is Like Getting an Extra Day in the Week

By Jill Kotsis, 3/1/2019

Don’t you wish there were an 8th day of the week? Or maybe just 25 hours in a day would do it? Then you could do it all AND sleep well at night—oh, AND exercise consistently. Most of the people I know admit that they’re waiting for that rare chance (or maybe retirement?) to fit in all of their priorities.

Often the things that slip through the cracks are the priorities and habits we should put first to be our best, happiest selves.

2 Tools to Keep Your Life On-track

When your greatest priorities and best habits slip off-track, couples in The Purposeful Family Manager Course (PFM) know how to reset quickly and reorder the things that are most important to them. There are two ways this happens:

  • The Family Game Plan™ helps couples realign their life design to match their values and passions—what they want their life to be—more closely.
  • The Weekly Meeting helps spouses to check in on their progress towards their quarterly rocks (the 3-7 most important things to get done in this 90 day period).

These tools serve as a reminder and a good kick in the pants to take that next step! They also act as a consistent bug in the ear to avoid the inevitable procrastination as life takes over. Let me give two examples of how that plays out.

The Family Game Plan™

When Sara and Mark started The PFM Course, they described themselves as ships in the night, juggling five careers between them. In their hearts they were trying to give their toddler son the best love and parenting, but they knew they were failing where he needed it most—with their time.

As they completed their Family Game Plan, several light bulbs went on for them. They started on a path of realigning their careers to create a balance of time as a family, as a couple, and one-on-one with their son.

Now, 18 months later, each of them is actively stepping away from one of their careers—selling one business and cutting hours in the other. Mom is coaching her son’s t-ball team and they have enjoyed several family vacations, even in the midst of some difficult medical emergencies. They credit PFM with making the difference in their lives.

The Weekly Meeting

Joe and Val love to travel as a family. When they returned home from a recent trip to Hawaii, they were grateful to have their family meeting to fall back on. Despite being gone for two weeks, they still accomplished the aggressive investment and business goals they’d set for themselves that month.

Before PFM, whenever they returned from vacation, they would miss weeks of productivity and let go of their healthiest habits—leaving them frustrated and stressed out!

For them, the key difference-maker was stepping right back into their weekly family meeting. During this meeting they were able to sync up on schedules, refresh on what they decided was most important to focus on in that quarter, and tie up loose ends from before they left. In just an hour they got back to full productivity, without a lot of stress or wasting time.

You Don’t Need an Extra Day!

Both family time and quality restoration are important! If we can’t enjoy these things, what’s the point of “being in control of our time” as entrepreneurs? We all have the same 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year. Using these simple tools can help you and your spouse get more out of your days and years while you are giving the world your very best.

The PFM Course™ can help you map out a path for YOUR family—or you can keep waiting for that eighth day of the week! Listen to what other couples are saying about the course.

Take the first step today. Get details on the next PFM course, kicking off in April.

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