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[Video] Your Family Frustrations Are Normal—and Fixable

By Mike Kotsis, 2/14/2019

We’re on a mission to take family life from good to great! We believe there is nothing more important than the health and happiness of our families. It affects the raising of our children, our ability to serve our purpose in the world, the strength of our marriages, and our personal fulfillment and joy in life.

Having personally helped over 100 entrepreneurially minded couples, we have discovered that many families experience similar challenges that get in the way of living their best life.

  • How many weeklong vacations have you and your spouse taken, just the two of you?
  • Are your kids running your life because you don’t have time to be intentional about it?
  • Feeling over-committed?
  • Do you have a tough time saying no to family, social, or work obligations?
  • Feel like you’re just trying to get through the day, rather than fully enjoying the present moment?
  • Do conversations with your spouse about money become heated—or do you just avoid them?
  • Is your health suffering because you have no time to focus on it?
  • Is this point in life not what you hoped it would be?

If you can relate to any of the above, the good news is that it just makes you normal. The better news is that there is hope for a more enjoyable family life!

Fix Your Family Frustrations

We’ve developed the Purposeful Family Manager (PFM) as a course inspired by the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®). EOS is a proven system that has taken thousands of organizations all over the world from good to great. And we’re on the mission to do the same for families—another kind of organization.
Watch this video to learn more about the five frustrations of families and how the Purposeful Family Course will transform your lives.
Bonus: Our three-month-old, Penelope, makes her debut in this video!

The Five Frustrations of Families

Do these frustrations sound familiar to you? If so, you’re normal!

  • Control – the feeling that life is controlling you, instead of you designing the life you want to live
  • Money – not being on the same page with spending habits
  • Communication – inability to share yourself effectively with your spouse
  • Hitting the Ceiling – the feeling of being stuck in your relationship and family life
  • Happiness – lack of true happiness and satisfaction in life

Those frustrations are normal, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. The PFM Course helps you and your spouse to strengthen 6 key areas of your family, resolving all those frustrations. The 6 key areas are:

  • Dreams – you and your spouse getting 100% on the same page with what you want to accomplish in life, and the plan of how you’re going to get there
  • Relationships – purposefully designing your life with the right relationships that uplift, energize and inspire you to help you achieve your shared dreams
  • Money – digging into your mindset on money, uncovering the “auto programming” we all have, and understanding the beliefs that hold us back from a path of abundance
  • Opportunities – reframing the problems and obstacles standing in the way of achieving your shared dreams, and turning them into opportunities
  • Habits – define the key habits that will set you up for success so you can bring the best version of yourselves every single day – to your marriage, families, and your career
  • Progress – bringing your Shared Dreams down to the ground, getting really good at getting things done, and making your Shared Dreams become a reality

Could your marriage and family life be stronger if you accomplished these things? Take the first step today: request details on the PFM Course.

PFM is making a tangible difference in families’ lives. Check out what other couples are saying about their experiences.

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