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What Does It Look Like to Live the Life You Want?

By: Jill Kotsis

Several years ago, our close friends Sue and Tim came to us for help. They were going through some major shifts in their lives and they knew we had been through a similar situation years before. They also knew that we had used a system to help us make the best decisions and execute our plan.

They were the first couple to use the Purposeful Family Manager (PFM) Course for a year. By the end of that time, they were seeing their lives in a whole new way. They had an increased consciousness about their life, and they were now in control of the path to reach their long term goals. It was groundbreaking for them.

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Living your ideal life can feel elusive. Even if you decided to pursue the life you want, what would that look like, exactly? In this article, I’ll give you a snapshot of how we help couples live the life of their dreams. The Purposeful Family Manager Course produces four outcomes:

  • Clarity
  • Progress
  • Happiness
  • Community

Let’s dive into each of those.


Clarity means you and your spouse are on the same page. You both know what you want out of your lives, and you have a plan to get there.

As Les Brown says, “You have to come outside of the frame to really see the picture clearly.” Most of us spend much of our lives reacting to the world and its demands on us, then wonder why we’re left feeling like something is missing or incomplete.

Time to design your life should be an absolute priority and nothing short of sacred time, because you’re seeking the ultimate fulfilment of what you were created for. The busy world we live in makes “working on your family” seem like wishful thinking.

The entire PFM Course is intended to help you and your spouse to carve out that time to define your best life so you can grow and strive to be the you that will get you to your dreams. If you don’t know what you want, that process can’t even start!


Progress in the course means real tangible progress towards the dreams you desire for your life. For some couples, the best part about PFM is taking action on their long term goals. When we take action now we not only help eliminate the fear associated with big goals, but we also start to see that big picture more clearly. Next steps become clearer as we take our first steps.

Couples in our course are challenged to go outside of their comfort zones and to break through boundaries in their lives that previously had them stuck. As you and your spouse work through your Family Gameplan, we systematically dive into topics like habits, money mindsets and personal assessments that will challenge your status quo and propel you towards your goals even faster.

One of our family core values is “grow or die,” and we fully incorporate this into the PFM program.


To be happy, we have to be present and in the moment. For example, not being constantly distracted during family time, but really there and soaking in its joy.

But being present in a collection of moments won’t produce a happy life. It also requires peace with your life’s purpose. Couples in our course go through a series of exercises that help them define what that purpose is. Progress towards that purpose creates even more peace in the present.

Although each couple defines their own purpose, most of them find incredible meaning in being part of something bigger than themselves. As Lyndon Duke said, your life’s meaning is the difference that it makes. When you spend intentional time thinking about your life, you start to find your treasure in things that really matter, rather than in the “stuff” that culture values.


Clients in the PFM Course find a community with other couples who are on the same frequency and want to learn and grow together! Through PFM we meet amazing people and build “tribes” of like-minded life learners. These are folks who are inspired to give their best to the world and get their best life in return.

Jim Rohn says that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. The PFM Course provides an environment of high-caliber couples who challenge and elevate one another to be their best. We even carve out time in our Quarterly Sessions to share best practices, help each other and learn from each other’s experiences.

Start Living Your Best Life!

When you’re living your ideal life, you give your best to the world. Your best life is out there and it is available to you. Don’t give up on your dreams. Dare to dream bigger—not just with your eyes closed, but with them wide open so that you can make it a reality. To quote Lisa Nichols, “You don’t want to leave this life with your music still in you.”

How close are you to living your ideal life? Take the Family Checkup to see how you close you are to realizing your dreams.