post-it notes with new year's resolutions on a table

Make Your 2019 New Year’s Resolution Stick!

By Jill Kotsis, 1/3/2019

Have you made a New Year’s resolution that you’re excited about? Maybe you’ll get back to the gym like many Americans choose each year, or reading one book per month. Maybe you have resolved to sit down to dinner as a family once a week or to give up your favorite vice.

For years, before starting the Purposeful Family Manager, I would forget to make a resolution until New Year’s Day. Then I would feel like I had to take advantage of the moment, so I randomly choose a resolution—only to have it fizzle out just a few weeks later.

We tend to make resolutions that are culturally popular—things that we hear in the media or our friends are committing to. But what if you tied your New Year’s resolution to the things that are most important to your family’s happiness, instead? What if a successful resolution could be like tipping the first domino in a chain reaction—a series that ultimately leads to achieving your greatest dreams for your family? And what if you had a group of like-minded people who stood behind you and your spouse to support your resolutions?

Make Resolutions That Stick

The Purposeful Family Course provides that kind of support for real and lasting change in your family life. The New Year is a perfect time to take advantage of it.
One of the advantages of the Purposeful Family Course is that you don’t need to make a New Year’s resolution to see meaningful change. We all naturally fall off track and need course correction every few months. If you set a resolution for the whole year and don’t revisit it, not only does your goal become difficult but it can leave you feeling like a change failure.

Tools for successful course correction are built into our course. Many of us struggle to really change amidst the realities of our lives. The Purposeful Family Course builds in the reflection time that is required to continuously improve, and it gives you measurable tools to check your progress—something most of us don’t do on our own.

Our clients leave each session feeling positive about their progress and excited for what is to come. Most important, they have a practical plan that will continue to push them in the direction of their dreams. Our clients know which priorities to tackle right away, and which need to be left alone for the time being.

Start Succeeding at Personal Change!

Still like the idea of making a New Year’s resolution? Here’s one for you and your spouse: join us for our April class of the Purposeful Family Manager Course! This could be the resolution to trump all resolutions—and if you stick with it, we guarantee you will love the result of living your best life.