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What Can the PFM Course Help You to Overcome?

By Mike Kotsis

Couples are better and stronger when they work together as a team. I’ve seen this first-hand in my own parents’ marriage. My younger sister is cognitively impaired and has special needs, making her fully dependent on my parents. Caring for her takes great energy, a sacrifice of time and emotional investment.

In 2018, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was an overwhelming time, with no simple decisions ahead. We learned that a critical part of the path towards healing is managing the mental and emotional stresses in your life. Mom had always had a lot on her plate, and now it was overflowing. The stressors were nearly paralyzing, and we feared for my mom’s life.

Finding New Life

In the midst of this, I had the privilege of introducing my parents to the PFM Course. They quickly realized PFM was equipping them with invaluable tools to cut through the stress in their lives and solve the formidable decisions they were facing.

As they began the course, my parents uncovered a list of 40 items causing stress in my mother’s life. No wonder she was overwhelmed! As they began developing their Family Game Plan, one of the key priorities they identified was finding long-term care and housing for my sister. Because she had lived at home for her entire 37 years, this was an emotionally painful realization for them. However, the alternative—keeping her at home—wasn’t an option. This was a life-or-death scenario. They chose long-term care.

The quarterly and weekly meetings kept my parents on the same page throughout the rollercoaster journey. The results have been amazing. In just six months, my mom is cancer-free, my sister has moved into a group home that my parents love, and my parents are spending more time together doing what they love to do.

So far, thirty-five of the 40 stressors have been solved. And to top it all off, my parents are celebrating on a three-week trip to Greece for the first time since their honeymoon. It’s all because they committed to creating Clarity of what they wanted together, and making Progress one quarter at a time.

What can the PFM Course help you to overcome?

Build a Stronger Marriage

The Purposeful Family Manager is designed with simple tools and a structured process to eliminate the need for superhuman discipline on your part. PFM is designed for couples who already have a healthy relationship, yet feel life could be better by design, rather than by default of their busy lifestyle. PFM helps you achieve three things:

  • Clarity. Clarity helps you and your spouse to agree upon your shared goals and the direction you want for your life.
  • Progress. Progress creates forward momentum together without getting stuck in the past or getting worried about the future.
  • Happiness. Happiness is the result of ongoing clarity and progress together. You’re excited, loving the journey and having fun. You and your partner are on the same page and enjoying the freedom and energy to do what you love to do.

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