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Top Questions About the Purposeful Family Manager

By Jill Kotsis

As more and more couples hear about the Purposeful Family Manager Course, they get excited with questions. Maybe you have some questions about PFM too. Here are the questions we hear most often. Hopefully they will help you and your spouse to determine if this course is right for you.

Who does the course work best for?

The program works best for couples who are growth-driven and willing to take ownership over their lives in order to achieve their full potential together. PFM is for couples who already have a healthy relationship, yet feel that life could be better by design rather than by default of their busy lifestyle. Most couples are feeling overwhelmed or are going through a transition in their lives.

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Who will we be in the course with?

You will be with other couples who fit the same profile. Part of the enrollment process is a matching of participants with similar mindsets. The Mastermind is a fun part of the course, where couples learn and grow from the experience of others.

Is this marriage counseling or therapy?

Neither. Couples who need counseling or therapy are not a good fit. If you don’t have a healthy relationship with your spouse, see a counselor or therapist first, then explore joining PFM.

That said, no relationship is perfect, and couples in the program typically experience a positive shift in their lives with a simple set of tools. These tools help:

  • Get them on the same page
  • Improve alignment on long-term and short-term goals
  • Establish clear roles in the household
  • Improve household spending habits
  • Enhance communication
  • Enjoy a higher quality time together, spending more time doing what they love to do

Every couple in our program has reported improvements in their overall relationship as a result.

Our life is private—how much do we share with the group?

By enrolling in PFM, you’re choosing to share some of your life experience with a small group of other couples who are looking to grow as well. The Mastermind component is often the favorite part of their experience—and the most impactful.

Of course, how much you choose to share is up to you. We create a safe space in the group and encourage openness, because vulnerability is an important key to growth.

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My spouse is skeptical. How do I bring this up?

It’s not unusual for one partner to be hesitant, and it’s tempting to push it on them. We advise against it. Instead, we recommend focusing on opening your spouse up to having a conversation with Jill or Mike.

Sometimes, the spouse who didn’t seek out our program feels defensive, because they’re hearing the message as criticism. The messenger that conveys the message is really important here, because it has the opportunity for them to hear the message in a whole new light. Let us be your messenger.

One thing you can do right away is to have your spouse take The Family Checkup, which evaluates the strength of your family. This is a great way to start the conversation in a safe, objective way.

Can I attend by myself?

No. The entire program is designed for couples who are working on their lives together. Working through the tools together helps you both through the heavy lifting. If you’re like most families, you don’t have lots of extra time to fit in these types of conversations.

In the PFM Course, our sessions create space in your lives not only to learn how to do this, but to have really productive and impactful conversations in the moment.

What kinds of results do other couples experience?

Many couples in the course have achieved their ten-year goals in three years, and are more on fire about their careers than ever. People report enjoying the journey more and being better supported in their home life because they’re on the same page with their partner.

Some couples are working less and earning more as a result of being intentional about where they put their efforts. All couples experience better balance and harmony on the home front as the discussion of roles in the program is very powerful.

Everyone’s experience is different. The biggest benefit for you and your spouse will depend on your biggest need coming into the program!

Read what couples are saying.

We’re already overwhelmed. How do we take time out to do this?

The program is in workshop format, so you’re working ON your life during the six sessions across a year. Most of us have a very difficult time stepping back and working on our lives on our own, and this is a game-changer for every couple. You’ll have an accountability group to show up for, and you’ll find that your lives are more productive, balanced and happier than ever. How could you NOT make time for this?

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Are we too old/too young for this?

You are never too old or too young to get clarity of what you want from life, to improve your rate of progress towards those desires, or to increase your happiness—both in the moment and in the long term.

How do I know we’re going to get our money’s worth?

We aren’t promising increased earnings, but many couples have experienced accelerated financial success. PFM will help you and your spouse to find an objective way to stay on the same page with household income, expenses, and savings. You’ll establish long-term financial strength, while reducing tensions with one another’s money habits.

Even better, you’ll gain a higher and richer quality of time in the areas of life that matter to you most, with less stress about the past or anxiety about the future.

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